In a world where information is everywhere, why is it that some companies seem to go to great lengths to hide their phone number?


Quite often, you can find everything about a company with a quick glance of their website. Within seconds, you’ll have their email address, PO Box number, Twitter Account and the option to speak to an automated robot in a chat window. But sometimes that just doesn’t cut it, and you’d much rather just speak to a human being on the phone then sending out a message into the aether with little indication as to whether you’ll ever receive a reply.


We have no idea why so many legitimate businesses strive make direct contact so difficult. However, we do know that you’re in the right place to save yourself time looking for that elusive number.


Whether it’s a multi-national bank or a small florists, we’ve spent hours collecting and categorising the most useful contact numbers for just about every business in the UK. Forget digging through a company’s lengthy site map just to find the contact us page: if their number exists, we’ll have it here and our intuitive search will take you straight to it.


Where multiple contact numbers exist, we try and select the one most useful to the public (generally customer services, or failing that the main switchboard).